Saturday, September 27, 2008

Autumn leaves showing their colors

Late yesterday after a grueling week at work I put Johnnie's bear bells on and headed out for a ride. I love these bells! They give a soothing little sleigh-bell aspect to his walk, and they warn the deer (and bears, which have been seen in town on occasion) that we are coming. They also warn dogs, who sometimes need a heads-up. The look on a dog's face when surprised by a horse coming around the corner is priceless. But I don't want to give them a heart attack.

The colors are coming on fast, and the leaves on the path look like little golden coins:

John was in good spirits although ravenous. Still no hay in our pasture, and the barn owner still believes the grass is adequate. The grass is nonexistent (1/8 inch tall) and all the horses have lost weight. John had it to spare but Montana does not. Our board went up to offset hay prices and then the hay disappeared. Life as a boarder has its drawbacks. However I have enjoyed some wonderful bitch-out gossip sessions with other boarders so that's always a plus. Who would I disapprove of if I had my horses at home?! Myself?


lytha said...

oh, i thought they were rhythm beads but they are so pretty on your horse. do i want some? *ponder* what about my need to be stealthy? and there are no animals to fear in germany. oh, now i'm torn: pretty beads or stealth...

with a barefoot horse, i'm so much stealthier than ever before! this really helps when tresspassing, which i haven't had the nerve to do here yet.

i think mountain bikers should wear bells, though, cuz silent bikers of doom have careened around a switchbacked singletrack corner into us several times. last year, by the time the biker could stop, he was looking up at my horse's nose, bike lying on the ground at her hooves. i said, "you! silent biker of doom! you took a year off my life!"

but i think he wet himself, and maybe he'll be more careful in the future.

i want to see more pics of your pretty beads on your horse!

~lytha in germany

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful scenery for a lovely ride. I like his bells too, I think I'll look into getting some.
On the boarding note, I always hated being a boarder, there were too many things to bitch about, and the owners always had it coming. They promise the world and you wind up paying for them to stay in business and get very little in return. But on the other hand if there is no where else to keep your horse you have to make the adjustments. I'm so happy to have my own place where I can do what I want and if something goes wrong, yes, it is my fault. But I have a very forgiving nature and can usually let myself off the hook!

Latigo Liz said...

Nice beads/bells from what I can see. I am planning on getting back into making mine soon. Christmas is coming after all!

Flying Lily said...

Lytha, stealth for trespassing is hilarious. So also is the silent biker of doom who wet himself! We got nearly caromed into by a biker who was just flying around a blind corner yesterday, and she was able to swerve at the last minute but here eyes were as big as...hooves as she flew by.

GreyHorse: I love that you can forgive yourself for small lapses from perfect horsekeeping! The bells are very soothing and John seems to enjoy the sound - plus it was crazy fun picking out my colors and such.

LatigoLiz: I'll watch your site - many friends need some of these necessary horse items. :)

Trailboss said...

What a beauty you have there. We were lucky this year with our hay. My husband helped our neighbors for a few days while they were baling hay and we got about 10 round rolls and 40 something sqares. My babies will be fat and sassy.

Good luck getting some for you baby.

Carol said...

"rhythym beads or Bear Bells," whichever you choose to call them are lots of fun. I made a set for my horse last year and a few for my friends' horses. I don't get to trail ride a lot as I am a bit of a chicken trail rider (I will only go with other people and then....only with those I trust). I like to put the bells on my boy once in awhile because like you, I like the way they sound. I wasn't sure if Grif would like them at first, but I think he enjoys wearing them too!!

I've been reading your blog for awhile and do enjoy your posts. I don't get to post often since I don't have a computer of my own.

I also board my horse and enjoy having other horsey people to talk to. There are times I do wish I had my own place, but I would never want my horse to have to live completely alone. They are such social creatures and I believe they need the company of other animals to keep them happy. So....until I win the lottery and can afford my dream farmette (and at least 2 HORSES!) -- I'll be a boarder.

Your boy Johnnie is a beauty!...when you have some time, check out my blog. I have pictures of my faitful pal there as well!


Train Wreck said...

I have always wanted to ride as the leaves chang. What a beautiful spot you found!Great photos!