Monday, August 31, 2009

Uh Oh!!

I am trying to ignore the signs. Hands over the eyes and ears, singing LA LA LA as loudly as I can.


Summer is not going to last forever. We already have those 'fresh' mornings and the nights are turning to cold stars. On my horse camping trip last week I nearly froze because I did not bring my 'sleeping bag warmers' aka two hott little Cavaliers.

John was fresh today as well, which you can see from the alertness of his peach-clad ears:

We rode on the 'home' trails and on Oak Alley, one of my favorites because of its green shade:

And then upon our return, John had a nice roll in the sand:

Classes begin next week! Once more into the Iliad, that infinite text. I cannot wait.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Riding in Dense Fog

I absolutely love mist, fog, overcast damp days, a nice misting rain, and cool riding weather. Horses react so differently to dense fog. John's ears are on high alert when the visibility goes down to about 20 yards, and he is more reactive to sudden sounds.

We had planned to trailer out to Spirit Mountain on 2 mornings this past week, with plans canceled due to fog. I get nervous hauling a white (fog-colored) horse trailer at my normal trailering speed, which is fairly conservative,, with a precious horse inside vulnerable to a rear-end collision.

On both these mornings I rode the "home" trails alone, and since there was such a dense fog everything looked exotic and different.

In this above picture we are in one of those eerie little clearings, about to re-enter the magic land of "I can't see anything". The air is so soft it caresses your face almost tangibly, and little tiny beads of condensation appear on John's mane.

He really didn't need his fly mask on these rides as it turned out, but a gelding in pink ears is always a heart-warming sight to me.

And now I will show you John's fashion disaster:

What you are seeing is a peach-colored crochet earnet, a hot pink rope halter, and a palomino horse. This combination, the result of buying things on clearance with a bad eye for color, actually causes the flies to become nauseated and flee into the shrubbery to vomit. This is very effective except it has something like the same effect on all riding companions. John however keeps his cool, as always.

Finally, here's a photo of my ex-horse Montana enjoying a swim with his new owner on a hot day last week:

If you click on the picture and get a good look at his eyes, you will see why this photo made me so happy.