Monday, August 31, 2009

Uh Oh!!

I am trying to ignore the signs. Hands over the eyes and ears, singing LA LA LA as loudly as I can.


Summer is not going to last forever. We already have those 'fresh' mornings and the nights are turning to cold stars. On my horse camping trip last week I nearly froze because I did not bring my 'sleeping bag warmers' aka two hott little Cavaliers.

John was fresh today as well, which you can see from the alertness of his peach-clad ears:

We rode on the 'home' trails and on Oak Alley, one of my favorites because of its green shade:

And then upon our return, John had a nice roll in the sand:

Classes begin next week! Once more into the Iliad, that infinite text. I cannot wait.


cdncowgirl said...

My Applejack almost always rolls after a ride. To me its a nice sight, especially when they really get into it.

photogchic said...

Cute peach ears:-) I am seeing signs of Fall out here...summer went too fast!

allhorsestuff said...

It is so beautiful there! My barn owners husband drove past me the other day as I came up the drive...he said, "Why do you have a "doilie"on your horses head??" Too funny! John is too cute how he gets up to roll the other side too.

I drove the entire way home last night....with a single -yellow leaf- under my wipers. is coming!

c2b said...

Autumn is so pretty. Not quite at the level you are at here in the uk. Will be in a few weeks though.

Molly said...

Very nice to hear that someone is cooling off. We've got weeks to go before a breath of crisp air.
Back to the Iliad means back to normal, huh?

Flying Lily said...

CdnCowgirl: Yes I love watching a good roll. It always amazes me that they can haul that big body up so easily.

AllHorseStuff: Yes the summer hit fast-forward as soon as the weather got nice. I love the granny ears effect.

c2b: We are speeding into fall, with woodsmoke smell around the neighborhood in the mornings. I do love riding in fall.

Molly: Yes, back to the Iliad means life takes on a real work-day structure again. I love taking a new group of students down the mythology corridors each fall; all that magic and heroism, so useful in life!