Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Equine Acupuncture Round 2

John in a trance enjoying his second round of acupuncture is seen in this photo.

John was so quiet during this treatment. His eyes came to half-mast.

Benefits from round 1 of the treatment? I believe I did see them. I rode a lot of trails during this unseasonably warm November and I believe his rushing downhill was less in evidence. He would put himself down behind and take small steps about 50% of the time. I was interested to notice this.

My main worry about John is that I might ride him incorrectly into an early lameness, as he is gaited and prone to hock issues anyway.

I love this horse so much. He is so trustworthy. I often dream about how if a terrible catastrophe came to this world, I would go get John first and then with his help grapple with the breakdown of civilization.

Is it strange that there is no human being I would trust more than this fat palomino??


Anonymous said...

I've never done acupuncture, but apparently a lot of horses really like it. He is a great horse - you are lucky to have him!

Horseartist said...

"Is it strange that there is no human being I would trust more than this fat palomino??"

Not strange at all... :D

Flying Lily said...

Kate: He seems almost drugged during the procedure.

Horseartist: Thanks for the confirmation!!

Petra said...

you are very lucky to have an equine partner you trust completely and it also says a lot about you as a horse handler...I am positive the trust is mutual...have a great weekend!

Flying Lily said...

Petra: Thank you so much!!!