Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Hot Wind and Mares in Heat

It was the weirdest day at the barn: a hot wind like the meltemi blowing at gale force, bending big trees and making the barn walls shudder. Two or possibly 3 mares in heat. All geldings perturbed by one or the other or both of these phenomena.

John was sacked out asleep when I got there, but when he finally got up:

...he immediately sniffed the wind and raised his face in the crazy-lips-mouth bare teeth universal salute to the scent of a mare. I didn't get a picture of it because I didn't expect it to last so long as it did.

This evening I have been packing for the upcoming horse camping trip with Minnesota Trail Riders Association. If all goes as planned we will be riding Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday. I will have those strange night of sleep in which every 15 minutes I wake up and look to see if John has departed for another state or just gone off to steal someone's food. Thanks goodness he has some white; I look for that in the moonlight if there is any.

I am also packing food for myself, which is hard because I know there will be some item I develop a violent craving for, which I will not have brought along. Somehow riding a lot all at once stirs up weird pregnancy-like cravings. Last time it was a Chunky candy bar that would have saved my life but instead I died of needing one. This time I have 4, no less, but I'm sure they won't appeal to me...nevertheless I may manage to make my way through one or 3.

Anyway I am glad that John feels secure enough at his new barn to lie down and sleep in the pasture; here you see his buddy Firzie watching over him:

If I can I will catch some video of Firzie's magical floating trot. 3PennyJane has given me this homework assignment!

Hope everyone has something nice planned for Memorial Day weekend and that we will also's strange that it is such a happy holiday - long weekend early in summer! - and the reason for it is so mournful really.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Green is a good color for John. He looks handsome in the grass. What a gorgeous boy you've got.

Pony Girl said...

John is one handsome boy! I had to laugh at you wondering if he wandered away while camping....I would worry, too! I wouldn't sleep all night. Luckily when we did our family camping/ranch trip, they had paneled corrals for the horses. They were small, but I felt like they couldn't get out.
That white horse looks like his hiney is almost touching the electric tape, that silly!

Anonymous said...

John just looks so happy and content, and he has such a kind face. Hope you have a grand time on your trip!

Callie said...

Geeze, he is one handsome boy! Hope you've anticipated all your cravings and packed accordingly, LOL. It has been warm and windy. I think we're due for storms tonight! Have fun on your trail ride!

AareneX said...

I know what you mean about food cravings on long rides. One time Lytha met me at the finish line of a 50-mile endurance ride with a bag of blue corn chips in her hand. We voted those chips "best food of the weekend" and nothing else could possibly have tasted so good. Normally I don't like them very much.

After a 100-miler a few years ago, another rider offered me gumbo for breakfast. Dang, that's gotta be the best food ever. Who would've guessed (or packed) gumbo as a breakfast food after a long ride? Well, besides Paul.


Flying Lily said...

OnceUpon: He is loving that grass!! Edible bed type 2.

PonyGirl: I love the horse camp sites with the corrals. These tie lines are nerve-wracking: depending on my knot tying ability is too scary!!

Kate: Thanks, I love that face too, on his big old suitcase sized head...

Callie: OUr storms finally came and blew that warm heavy windy stuff away - hope yours did too!

AareneX: Now I will be craving blue tortilla chips and will feel deprived of gumbo at breakfasts!! Life is so unfair. :) To me the idea of a 50 mile ride is beyond imagining...what a thrill that must be and then to do a 100 one! Wow.

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