Saturday, June 13, 2009

Golden Days of June on the Trail...OUCH!!!!

Yesterday was such a day: golden sunshine, 70's and a light breeze, there is nothing to do on a day like this but Ride Your Horse. I barreled through the morning chores and online course work, threw two giant carrots in my bag and hurried out to find John sound asleep on his side in the green pasture, watched over by his friend Firzy, who did not budge from his protective position nor cease giving me the hairy eyeball until John got up and moseyed over to me. Firzy is a great nap guardian. I hope John returns the favor although I haven't seen it yet.

The barn owner was having a yard sale and I even managed not to stop and buy the beautiful red and black wool saddle blanket that snagged my eye...the way our weather has been this summer, you just have to get out there as fast as possible, before the temperature drops 30 degrees, the wind becomes a gale, hail starts to form and 7 devils from Hell begin to chase you.

So I mounted up and...pop went my left knee. AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

The pain was incredible. I couldn't move my foot - no stirrup on that side; I couldn't do anything but sit there with my eyes bugging out and try not to curse, though there was no one around to hear but John and I think he enjoys that sort of language...Anyway,

When John's rider goes AWOL he just goes on autopilot so we walked in drunken sailor circles for awhile until the feeling returned to my lower leg. I have no idea what happened in that knee but it was something bad. It had been wonky since I hurt it jumping out of the truck bed a month ago, but I thought it was getting right again on its own. Hmm.

The ride went on as planned and it wasn't too bad; every now & then I took my foot out of the stirrup and stretched the leg out; it was mobile up to a certain point and then just LOCK. But we rode for about 2 hours and I let John stop at his snack bar for a few mouthfuls of yummy clover stalks:

Then it was time to dismount. I gave this some thought, and we stopped in a spot where he would be lower than the ground where I'd be stepping. However, I can tell you that there are No Words for the pain that dismount caused. I just stood there gasping. Fortunately John also just stood there, puzzled but interested. "NOW what is the matter with her??"

We made our hobbly way to the cross ties, and then out to the pasture, and I felt about 240 years old. If I have permanently buggered up my knee I will be so sad. I did make an appointment at the clinic for Monday afternoon so am just literally taking baby steps this weekend. If I sit in one place for any length of time, hoochy mama! Ibuprofen doesn't seem to make a dent but I'm taking it anyway for the anti-inflammatory.

I went online to study the anatomy of the knee: complicated little machines, these joints!!

In this knee image from, functions for the different ligaments are described and I'm thinking posterior cruciate ligament might be the culprit, because my leg wants to bend backwards too far and feels a little like a marionette with one string cut.

So everyone take care of your knees!! :(


Anonymous said...

Hope they can figure out what is wrong with your knee and that it gets better soon!

Flying Lily said...

Thanks Kate! Me too...

c2b said...

Ouch ouch ouch. The only time I feel normal at the moment is when I am on a horse. 4 legs better than 2!!

Flying Lily said...

c2b: It was odd how much less it hurt while I was riding, than after I was done! 4 legs indeed.

Molly said...

Darn, those knees can be such trouble when damaged. However, I've had friends who have been fixed up beautifully with just arthroscopic surgery. I'm glad you have an appointment right away.
Are you off work with school out?

BTW, both of my sisters are in Japan right now and I've sorta/kinda begged for a bento box.

Flying Lily said...

Oh Molly I hope they bring you an awesome bento box from The Source Itself!! thanks for the encouraging words about the knee; arthroscopic surgery sounds manageable.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh drat it all anyway with these bods that don't last till our brains fade!
I am always trying to "share the load" with my right leg-hip-knee by getting on and off over there too!
I have fallen off -while mounting as I am awkward over there...lobbed myself on over the saddle, ooops!
So sorry am hoping you feel better ...hope you can get it fixed up and soon!
John is a great auto pilot!

Flying Lily said...

AllHorseStuff: thanks! I do the alternate side mounting too, and thank goodness because now I can only go on from the off side, so to speak...But actually I am not able to ride at all at the moment. And wouldn't you know, today (Sunday) has been theeee most gorgeous day!! Oh well, I made a rhubarb custard cake so that is some consolation.

photogchic said... My hip "popped" last fall and I am no longer able to mount on my good side. I figured it was a good time to "practice" from the other side. Hope it is nothing major...keep us posted. I am in Minnesota this has been gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Great blog and beautiful pictures!

sue said...

OH MY!!! please keep us up to date on this one... I am so sorry, and I can tell you.. knees are very tricky things, so don't mess with this,,, get some help with it soon...

3pennyjane said...

Second the "ice ice ice," and ditto the anti-inflammatories. Was it St. Augustine who referred to his body and its obstreperous failure to do what he wanted it to as "Brother Ass"? Best wishes for a full recovery, and congratulations on having trained a horse who could handle the emergency so well.

Funder said...

Ooof, you poor thing! "Drunken sailor walk" made me laugh, though - I know just what you're talking about. Hope the Dr has a quick fix for you today.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh! So sorry to hear about the painful knee. Hopefully it is an easy fix. Sounds like John took good care of you.

Flying Lily said...

I went to the medics yesterday, and by good luck the new doctor is a horsewoman who completely understood why someone would try to ride on a knee they already bunged up by jumping out of a truck bed hitching a horse trailer. :) MRI on Thursday, she thinks torn meniscus. It doesn't hurt nearly as much thanks to the ice and ibuprofen everyone advised. It's ground work for me and Johnnie for the next few days or weeks. yes, ground manners boot camp for the young dude!!

Anonymous said...

amen i havent been afflicted with this as a runner/rider.. definitely get it looked at by a professional so you can get some exercises for it


Stephanie said...

Oh no....

I totally feel you on the 240 year old thing! Since mucking up my ankle I have a new appreciation of healthy joints and just how fragile we are!

cdncowgirl said...

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow
Hope there isn't permanent damage and you are on the mend and better in no time!

Serena said...

Tell us how your MRI turns out! I would put money on a torn ACL though, that's EXACTLY what it feels like to have one--like your leg is trying to bend backwards. They are really easy to tear--i have had both of mine replaced, one just last november. :( No more soccer for me, ever.

Flying Lily said...

Thanks for the good wishes!! I just got back from the MRI - what a trippy experience! I can't wait to hear the 'news' from all those images...

Shah Hayat said...

I alleged meniscal tears in both my knees. You have any idea whether I'll be able to continue riding after that?

My MRI's are scheduled for coming tuesday.

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