Monday, October 26, 2009

Dreams of Horses

My alarm went off this morning in the middle of a strange and very enjoyable dream.

I was competing at a 3-Day Event (which I have never done) on my ex-horse Montana. I was particularly looking forward to the cross-country jumping (something that has always intimidated me badly).

It was a rainy muddy day and I had a hose which I was using to clean mud off our tack and Montana's legs. Apparently we had already been out jumping about and gotten dirty having fun.

Some people were standing watching me clean stuff and they admired how good I was at it but they said, "Didn't they give you a groom to clean that?" And I said, "Well my groom wandered off angry; I could feel the icy Arctic air when she walked off."

This was a total lie because in my dream-head I knew I was surprised to hear there was supposed to be a groom at all.

So why am I lying to strangers in my dream? To feel cool I guess, because they were impressed with me.

Montana looked awesome and muscular, and was moreover behaving like a placid old campaigner. I reveled in my joy at this day and at the jumping ahead. (When in reality I would have been nauseous with fear and probably already scratched and gone home.)

Ha ha that's a good one, Subconscious Mind!! But when the alarm tore into this dream I could hardly tell where I was, what day it was, and who that was sleeping next to me - that's how into it I was.

Do you dream about horses, and do your dreams fit your waking life?


lytha said...

that is an awesome dream!

i dream about the things i need to work on in my life, e.g., getting angry or lying.

i still have dreams i have to take tests for classes i never attended in college. geez when will those end!?

but this montana eventing dream was something i wouldn't want to wake up from!


jennybean79 said...

What a great dream. I do dream about horses, and it's usually something along the lines of your dream. Mine usually have to do with me being a fantastic rider and either being at a huge show, or on some kind of adventurous trail ride. I almost always wake up disoriented and then sad that the dream wasn't real. :)

Flying Lily said...

Lytha: I have those dreams about college too - and sometimes I was supposed to have been teaching the class, it's the end of term, and I have never gone! Freud used to dream of being naked behind the lectern i.e. forgot his pants. :)

Jennybean: You too with the joyous public performances!! I was So Sad to realize (finally) that it is a rainy Monday and I am no cross-country rider.

c2b said...

It sounds like a nice dream.

I had a dream earlier this year where I had swapped Zo for a 24yr old lame gelding. All I could see was her face turning to look at me as she was led away. I knew I had made a huge mistake. I couldn't get her back. Those horrid in the pit of my stomach feelings stayed with me for days. ooooooh made me all tearful just thinking of it. How odd.

Flying Lily said...

c2b: What a horrible nightmare, and how good to wake up & realize you didn't trade Zoe in...Yet isn't it interesting how the feeling can persist? I swear I felt like an eventer all day yesterday, based on sheer fantasy.

allhorsestuff said...

Too Cool, that is. I love the pic as well!
My dreams usually do not make sense and are scramled...some of the ones that make sense,have come true and it is always a bit un nerving!

Flying Lily said...

allhorsestuff: I have a lot of no-makey-sensey dreams too. One like this is rare and happened just as I woke up remembered. But dreams that some true??!! Tell!!

Stephanie said...

What a great dream! I like to think that I dream about horses... unfortunately I rarley ever remember my dreams. :(

jesterjigger said...

I haven't dreamed about horses in a long time, but maybe I will now that I've read about your dream!

allhorsestuff said...

Well, the first dream that came true was a bout my forst car accident when I was 16. I told my dad about it as I woke up frenzied one morning...and then months later,as I was sitting at the roadeside bleeding, I remebered it all and it occured before my very eyes. Later as my dad picked me up from the hospital, I asked him if he remembered it...he did.

There have been others I can't remember, but the most recent was a nagging one about some friends that were egaged....they broke up in the dream. I called the gal and told her...and she went silent, they were indeed-about to break up.
So....these are weird but I am always willing to investigate now...when ever I have even a know, "the still small voice"!

Chloe said...

Cool :) I like the pic! It's cool to :)

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