Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn Trail Ride: Goodbye Summer

This was probably our last away trail ride of the year! Lisa and I went out to a nearby state park and had a terrific golden afternoon. John was in his glory and feeling Fine which translates into a superfast smooth walk and the other horse always has to trot a lot - which Lisa didn't seem to mind on her smooth-trotting sweet mare.

At one point on this ride I just had the thought: pinch yourself; is this real?? Sweet horses, a good friend, and the glory of autumn spread out in golden tableau before us...

We met some other happy ladies coming from the opposite direction:

And numerous walkers, bicyclists, and skate-skiers on the part of the trail that follows the Munger Trail (a paved asphalt multi-use trail that runs for many miles through our region). Here we are following the Munger for a bit:

But mostly we were just on our own in the woods, the horses' hoofs crunching leaves and the slanting light touching us with the cool warmth of autumn sun, so unmistakably different from summer sun.

John had some 'moments' of excess joy; he gets surgey and I can feel his back change and come up, and his neck arches, his feet begin to dance, and there is that little rush of worry "What if he takes off?" He will barge uphill in these moments and get so strong I have to sit down hard and think Slow, Slow. So far he has never done anything really troublesome, and I think it is just happiness. Poor guy, can't express his joy without me starting to count to 10 and breathe. He is so trustworthy overall.

When we got back to the barn and unloaded, Lisa helped me power-wash the trailer and get ready to put it to bed for the winter...All the while John was snuffling and whickering from the fence, so sure that we needed his help or his interference.

Just one of those days where I come home and almost weep for joy that a horse is part of my life. And this horse in particular.


Funder said...

You're so lucky! Good on you for luxuriating in the moment. :D

PS I dyed my hair red last week - the trees must be inspiring us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff - you have a marvelous horse, and what a lovely ride!

Flying Lily said...

Funder: I need to see a pic of you fellow redhead!!

Kate: Thank you so much; you are an inspiration.

Tammy said...

"Just one of those days where I come home and almost weep for joy that a horse is part of my life. And this horse in particular."

You put into words how I feel so often. Sounds like a great end of season ride! Beautiful pictures!

c2b said...

Wonderful photos as always. Must remember to take my camera out again now the leaves are starting to shed. Such a pretty time of year. We are experiencing stupidly warm temperatures here. Yesterday was 17c!!

eventer79 said...

Life is always better with a horse in it!

jennybean79 said...

This post really reminded me of how badly I miss owning a horse. What a cute, sweet horse you have!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Looks like a really nice ride. You have great trails where you are. Love the last pic of John's wind blown mane.

allhorsestuff said...

OH! That is My favorite view of all....the wooded trails along rivers, at ANY season! And your view is very gorgeous, with the flaxen mane of your Gentle John!
Very nice ending away ride of the season.
We too had that "Pinch oneself" ride last Sat. It was favorable warm and colorful and we just rode and smiled at the world -upon-a-horse!!
Loved riding with y9ou via your story, as always!!

I am impressed with the "Putting up of the trailer". I am cleaning mine well, after each use and may get a free standing cover for it...but, I will reserve the erdge to -GO AGAIN...anytime!


Stephanie Mills Photography said...

Such pretty scenery! I do miss the changing leaves being here in Florida, I'm glad I can experience them through blogs with pictures like yours!

Anonymous said...

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