Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Completely Wack Horse Dream!

This one has me puzzling.

In my dream, which occurred just before I woke up to the alarm, John my horse had been stolen.

He had been taken from the pasture by a horse pornographer! who wanted to make a porn movie with John in it. I was easily able to find the sleazy hotel where this was supposed to take place. It looked like a real dive and it had worn greasy carpeting on the stairs.

John had been taken upstairs to a room on the second floor. Yes, he had walked up a flight of narrow carpeted stairs.

Just like this one! Even to the turn in the stairs. Already in the dream I was worrying about how to get him down these stairs. Up is always easier than down.

Raging up the stairs I go and I find a bathrobed guy who looks a bit like Hugh Hefner:

And I ask him, "Have you seen a horse come by here?" (I am being cagey you see.)

And he says, "Why yes, I have a horse; I am making a porn movie about him."

"Oh no you are not!!", I reply. I am inspired to be bullying and brave by the fact that this guy seems like a complete nervous wimp.

"I am taking my horse Out Of Here!", I say. "Johnny! Let's go!"

And here comes the miracle. John, who is conveniently wearing a rope halter and long lead, walks over to me across the fleabag hotel floor, and down the stairs we go. I am looking ahead and not down in good NH fashion, so I can't report how he negotiated each stair step.

But I rescued my horse from a porn movie. That is about the strangest dream I ever hope to have. Sigmund Freud, please analyze. Because I give up.


Funder said...

He is a handsome blonde and you are afraid his fame will take him bad places! Tell him not to talk to strangers.

Also, grats on the stairs. If he can negotiate stairs, he doesn't need to be a porn star!

Flying Lily said...

Funder: Thanks I will tell him not to talk to strangers in loose bathrobes... And about the stairs I agree. He can retire from his porn career if he can walk downstairs on a loose lead.

OnTheBit said...

Hmm...maybe your sub conscious thinks that Johnny is going to be violated some how? I have a feeling Freud would be much less concerned about the sex part of the dream (since everything is about sex) and more concerned that John was taken without your knowledge. The fact that you have stairs in the dream could signify some sort of impossible task you have ahead of you that will be easier then you think maybe? Okay, thats about all I can think of without cracking open a book and reading up on dream analysis by Freud. My counselor brain thinks that Freud is a crock and not to worry about your dream. Dreams are only important if you make them so.

Breathe said...

A dream analyzer once told me you should put yourself in the role of every character in your dream and see what they have to teach you.

Yeah. Well, not sure that works in this case.

I think maybe you should skip the heavy meal before sleeping. :)

Ultimately you were the hero. And that's ALWAYS good.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'm just laughing over how many new readers you are going to get thanks to certain keywords in your post.

Jocelyn said...

Holy Hooves of Mother Mary. You need to tell JOhn to not talk to anyone in a silk bathrobe.

Eve, I am thinking that you got ate bad bento before bed time :) lol

Tammy said...

Oh My Gosh! That is so funny! No clue what it means, but very strange indeed! :)

photogchic said...

Maybe you read about those creeps in Tennessee that were just caught molesting horses again. They made a movie about them 2 years ago called "Zoo" after a customer died having sex with a stallion up in Washington. (He happened to be a Boeing engineer)! I am glad Johnny is safe and still innocent and sweet.

c2b said...

Ok....starting to worry about you now. Hahahahahahahaha

jennybean79 said...

That is one funny dream - I'm glad John turned out okay, ha ha ha!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh my. Hmm? That is a bizaare one. Johnny is a very sexy hunk of a horse. But look at that face, he's so innocent. Maybe you are worried that he's too innocent to handle his own good looks. Talk to him now about Stranger Danger, don't be lured into trailers by the promise of apples, and tell him to be careful who he swishes that golden butt of his at.

Flying Lily said...

OnTheBit: That is very interesting; free-wheeling anxieties about loss might well be in play.

Breathe: Put myself in all the roles: maybe I write about John too much so I'm kind of like a pornographer myself; I am definitely getting old like Hugh Hefner; wonder how I could be in the role of the horse.... I like that idea though.

NM: Now you have scared me!

Jocelyn: "Bad bento" made me laugh...it could well have been bad pudding though.

Tammy: Strange indeed. I was in the weirdest frame of mind when I woke up - sort of righteous anger.

PhotogChic: I did not know abut the creeps in Tennessee; is there any awful thing that has not happened in the south (where I am from!)?

c2b: It might get worse; who knows? bwaahaahaa....(hope not)

JennyBean: yes, it had a strangely happy ending!

OnceUpon: I will have that talk about StrangerDanger, but I'm afraid if a stranger held out an apple John would follow him into a blast furnace.

Petra Z. McGowan said...

wow...i thought i was the only one who has quite peculiar dreams :o) in fact last night i dreamt about leondardo di caprio convincing me that i needed to sell him my horse..but horse pornography? ;o)

Flying Lily said...

Petra: I hope you arranged an alternate horse for Leonardo! I'm sure his horse acquisition budget is pretty huge... That is a weird one. *-*

Anonymous said...

crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?