Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fire-arms Deer Season Commenceth!

And nothing makes me more nervous about riding in the woods. I think John looks just about exactly like a gigantic white-tail deer in coloration.

Today was the 'opener' of fire-arms deer hunting in our state, and every Tom Dick and Harriette including little young ones are out trying to bag a kill. So, probably not the best day to ride but: it was also just killer gorgeous and in the 50's with bright sunshine.

So Lisa and I decided to brave it. John has blaze orange to wear as shown. This is from the ProtectaVest Company, whose motto is, If it can be shot at, we'll cover it in blaze orange.

The other horses stared at John a little as we were leaving the barn.

John has never minded wearing odd things; he's cool like that. I think he is convinced that, if he is wearing it, that alone makes it the next hot equine fashion.

Lisa rode her younger mare:

And we encountered no hunters but a variety of wildlife: we startled several grouse, a young doe ran bouncing across the trail just ahead of us, and then stood watching us pass.

We cantered/loped/galloped up this beautiful rise:

...which we have done several times before and John's ears tell you he is looking forward to picking up the pace.

Lisa and I decided this was just about the perfect ride: sun, no bugs, didn't get shot, horses happy and sweet and loose stepping.

Plato claimed that this world of experience is but a shadow, and a higher more pure realm of ideas or Forms is to be found, and must be sought by the soul. Plato was wrong. The Form of the Beautiful is right here.

And John believes it is also edible:


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I could see some trigger-happy hunter mistaking John for a deer. You are a good mom to protect him with the latest fashions. Man, I can't wait until the day I can say, "He's cool like that" when talking about my horses.

Flying Lily said...

NM: Lisa told me their neighbor kid (who built a deerstand in his pasture)was shooting like crazy yesterday. I hate deer season.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Very wise to take the precaution of wearing some orange. Lots of animals get shot by idiots who don't really know what they are doing.

People around here have had horses and cows shot in the pasture. Either the hunters can't figure out a black angus cow is NOT a deer or they shoot and don't know where their bullet is going to end up. I have found does shot and left to lay in brush patches and you just know that some idiot thought they were seeing a "monster" buck.

And the absolute rudeness of driving onto posted property to hunt?? We run a bunch of them out of our place every year. It's a constant battle.

And we are hunters! Everyone in my family loves to hunt.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Glad you had a fun and safe ride. It's wise to be careful. I like the blaze orange wear. I don't hunt or wander out amongst hunters much, but I just bought a blaze orange vest and jacket on Friday to wear when horseback riding or driving horse & cart along the road. I want to catch the attention of drivers. The vest was so comfy I wore it all day Saturday and even to the grocery store. My hunter co-worker said that is not appropriate and that there is an unwritten law to wear the orange only in hunting situations. Oops. My bad. I hope it is ok to wear when riding, even when not around hunters. I don't want to get bagged by a speeding motorist any more than by a trigger happy hunter with poor eyesight.

Flying Lily said...

Brown-Eyed CG: It astonishes me to think of a black angus bull being mistaken for a deer, and people who go a-driving all over their neighbor's property to hunt? That's when owning a surface-to-air homing missile system would be useful. and I'm such a peaceful person hahahaha.

OnceUpon: Everyone here who owns blaze orange wears it if they find it comfortable; "Blaze! Not just for hunting anymore!" We definitely see riders in it and I have just ordered a blaze orange helmet cover. Anything that helps people see you esp. along the road has got to be useful. C2b who writes "Zoe's Life Day by Day" blog has reflective glo-green gear for her road riding.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh..blaze orange helmet cover? Gotta get that. I plan to wear a helmet when I start cart driving around my neighborhood.

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