Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OK maybe it isn't spring quite yet

Last night brought in 2-6 inches of fresh wet snow, in typical March fashion. This is the kind of snow that kills people who are conscientious about shoveling their walks. It is as heavy as anti-matter. If you are willing to leave it alone, it will be gone in a few days, slushed and melted and run away downhill to the big lake.

So I took Johnnie out for another snowy spring trail ride, and again he seemed quite cheerful about that. This time we met no one but some cute small birds. I'm pretty sure we would have met several hungry bears if it hadn't been for Johnnie's new bear bells (see photo). I did hear some beaver action in the creek where they build a huge dam every year. So things are starting to happen.

Snowmobilers had been along the trail before us, and they do a nice job of crunching up any slippery spots on the snow surface. It was so warm (35 degrees F.) that great bombs of wet snow fell out of the trees on all sides as we went. I love a horse who can get snowbombed and not bat an eyelid.

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Bear bells! Now that's interesting. I haven't been trail riding much, so it's good to hear about various precautions that need to be taken.