Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trail ride! spring has officially arrived

And Johnnie & I went out on a short trail ride today. He so much prefers the trail to the arena. Our winters confine us to arena riding for the most part, due to ice rather than snow. The road that links to our nearest trail system was open today and free of ice, so I decided to take advantage. We were met by a few walkers and one extremely happy dog, who was seeing his first horse and could not get over how this made his day. John went into his marching flat walk and we spent one good hour at this pace, which is supposed to be great conditioning for a horse recovering from winter. Johnnie is a perfect trail companion for a solitary ride. He is fearless and happy out on his own. At one point I dropped a glove taking pictures, and had to dismount and remount - always a challenge with a tallish horse and slippery snow. In addition, I hadn't cinched him up tightly enough so the saddle came rotating around as I scrambled and struggled. He stood like a statue, though his thoughts were probably less than polite. It was a nice relief to be away from the house chores.

Husband & I had spent most of yesterday putting together a chandelier I bought on EBay which had featured "easy assembly". Of the many four-letter words that might occur to you in connection with this fiendish project, "easy" comes in dead last. The instructions were assembled from about 4 different chandeliers, and no 2 pages from the same. So part A and part B yield to number 5 and number 6, which yield to grommet and finial and barking madness. But the explosion of parts did include a pair of white gloves! We found this reassuring. I think the gloves were there so that if you strangled your co-workers during assembly, no fingerprints would remain.

The final result is very pretty though!
We may know too much about it to ever relax while sitting beneath. A head full of prisms would be a poetic way to die, but painful.

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