Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Springtime: Fire up the Environmental Catastrophe!

So today we charged up the truck battery and once again the sweet smell of diesel fumes filled the air. My horse-hauling truck, an F250, slept all winter. But now it is nearing time for trail rides, horse shows, and horse camping so we charged up its completely stone dead batteries and I drove it to the barn. Sweet!

I have very mixed feelings about driving around in this behemoth. See picture showing true scale and size of Mr. Bigtruck. Yes it is a monster, but it hunkers down and hauls, and that is the job it was hired for.

What surprises me most is my personality change behind the wheel of Mr. Bigtruck. I am usually a fairly quiet and patient driver, unassuming you might say. But elevate me to that lofty seat height, crank up the big diesel, and something happens. It is really fun to be so personally large on the road. People do yield the right of way. No one wants to crumple his Prius against my deer catcher or my tow hitch. I am bigger than almost everyone. I feel condescending towards them. The very same vehicles that are me on most days (see picture of my little Focus) seem like little tiny bugs, which I refrain from crushing out of kindness alone.

My husband is amused by the idea of putting horses inside a trailer and driving them about; in the old days (he says), the horses carried the humans. He is not so amused by the price tag of this horse transport. But when we are horse camping under the stars, with Johnnie munching hay nearby in the dark, and a beautiful day of trails ahead, it all seems eminently reasonable. Summer is coming! Today the wind lacked conviction, and the sun seemed more full of itself. Soon we'll have mud season, and then...glory days.

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