Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life is just a...

Sometimes anyway. All the wonderful summer fruit is in -- watermelons, cherries, blackberries. Now that food prices are high enough to be noticeable, I take much better care of it once it's home. Wash it right away, let it air dry, then pack it away in paper towels and airtight containers. No more moosh in the back of the produce drawer! This is good. Gas prices restrict our travel and we pollute less. There may be some good consequences of this new less economically robust world order after all.

And I have been tagged! 20 Meter Circle of Life tagged me with some questions which I will answer:

Name 4 jobs you have had:
Taco Bell, Sears fabric department, car washing at a Pontiac dealer back when car dealers sold only one kind of car, and convenience store night manager.

4 ways you know you are living your life with purpose:
I see some progress through my journal; I am generally happy all the time; I can sort of see a plan to all of my activity; I love my job.

4 things you do to take really good care of yourself:
Juicing, flax seed, make my own granola, eat organic whenever possible

4 events that formed how I live today:
Having 2 sons, taking that random philosophy class freshman year (it's now my career), my first pony ride in Jacksonville Florida.

4 other careers you have considered:
Medical technology (love the lab concept), newspaper writing, opening a bookstore, nursing or x-ray tech.

4 influential people in my life:
Aristotle, Virginia Woolf, my father, my 2 big brothers

4 foods you will not eat:
organ meats
fish with eyes in
soft-boiled eggs

4 reasons you blog:
helps me make sense of things
friendly connections
explains me to myself

And now I will tag!!!
Three-Penny Jane and Sweetgrass Farm Dish it girls!!!


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Lovely horse blog.

I TOTALLY agree with you about foods to avoid. Ugh!


Flying Lily said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog.