Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's Big Brown! Will there be a Triple Crown winner this year? I'm just thankful that no horses ended up dead; how's that for a racing fan attitude? Eight Belles has changed everyone's outlook, for awhile at least. There was a panel of experts interviewed, and all solemnly intoned that Eight Belles' death was no one's fault. No surprises there. Big Brown is not the most beautiful horse I've ever seen, and his running style is odd - he galumphs. But he seemed to have endless energy in the stretch, and he appeared to be enjoying himself.

Here's my own little piece of the racing industry, enjoying some spring grass by the roadside. They are still stuck in their mud pasture for the time being, until the grass pasture gets grown in enough to stand up to their hoofs. It has been a slow spring coming.

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