Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My son's graduation in 3 minutes!

My older boy graduated from Indiana University last Saturday and here is a 3 minute video of commencement. Any university that has the line, "Glorianna! Frangipana!" in its alma mater has my respect as well. I mean, you need a rhyme for Indiana and this is not an easy thing, so go for it. I stayed at a little cabin in Brown County State Park, to avoid the $300+ hotel rates that the town offers for graduation weekend. It is a luscious and tasty state park for horseback riding and I mean to go back there some day - what hills! And softly firm ground, and majestic trees.

I saw probably a thousand horse trailers on the road all the weekend - it is riding time in Indiana! And so many happy horses up to their hocks in sweet green grass. Spring is advanced far beyond us there; dogwood trees in full bloom, redbud, crabapple, intense.

On the way home, my truck loaded up with years of dorm and rental accumulation, we stopped in Madison to visit the younger boy and eat Chinese food at his favorite restaurant. The boys walked ahead of me talking genetics shop and I took this picture which warmed my heart:


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Congratulations to the graduate!!
This year Megan and I would like to do some trail riding in the Black Hills. Born and raised here and lived in the BH's for years and never once did that. Shame on me!!

Flying Lily said...

Thanks!! We have camped in the Black Hills and while the place where we were (Nemo area, near Sturgis) was very rocky, it was incredibly beautiful and those stars at night were just beyond words. Hope you and Megan get to do it this summer! No bugs whatsoever.