Tuesday, October 14, 2008

He's Gone; for 2 Weeks Anyway...

Today I moved my OTTB Montana to his new (for 2 weeks at least) home. Life helped me avoid emotions as I got lost on the way, got thrown onto the freeway with my trailer and all, got turned around and anxious, and was therefore so glad to find the barn that I could hardly be sad at all.

He came out of the trailer on high alert, and he can be very tall when he wants to be. But there was Jen the trainer, calm and composed, and also familiar to him, so all went well. He got put in a paddock where he has neighbors who can visit across the pipe corral tops, geldings, mares, cute ponies, a whole bunch of equine potential friends.

The potential buyer and her lovely 14-year old dressage-crazy daughter were soon there and we arranged everything to our mutual satisfaction. Daughter loves to jump, owns an OTTB who is not a talented jumper, Montana loves to jump and has talent. All good. We transferred all the tack & stuff to the new lockers and saddle racks. And I drove away from my old friend.

The 2 week thing is kind of a blessing. He may come back. He may not. During this 2 weeks my emotions will evolve and settle into a pattern. If he does come back, as my blog friend GreyHorse said, this sale was not meant to be. If he does well on his trial and is purchased, I could not ask for a nicer berth and owner for him.

Strangely the only time I cried was when I was heading back to the barn where I board the boys. It was so saddening not to be looking for that big orange profile, always so tidy and clean in the pasture no matter how muddy, always so interested yet entirely unaccommodating (would never walk even one step in my direction as I went out to halter him, though he would stare rivets at me and start drooling in anticipation of the treat).

Here he is displaying interest in food, in his new temporary paddock:

I think he is going to have fun at this barn regardless of how the trial/sale turns out.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I think you are right!!

photogchic said...

Hope it works out for both of you either way it goes.

Grey Horse Matters said...

In two weeks you'll know which way things are going to work out for all of you. He's probably a little confused right now but he seems to be enjoying his food and maybe he will make new friends soon. He seems like a really great horse.
Good luck.

Flying Lily said...

BECG, PhotogChic, and GreyHorse: Thanks !!! I am in a little tub of nostalgia and I need to look to the future, where if he gets a nice new more full-time job, he will be in hog heaven. All seems promising, Potential new owner longed him last night and said "He was a lovely boy".

Train Wreck said...

Oh yes I too hope everything works out either way! I'm sure he will fit right in and make new friends!