Saturday, October 18, 2008

Was this our last trail ride of the fall?

There is always a last ride out for the year prior to winter. But you never know which one it will be. What happened after this ride on Oct.4 was 2 weeks of heavy rains. Then the trails are out because horses' feet tear them up too much in mud. Plus we engage with my slipping-down phobia, one on the long list of things I picture going horribly wrong on horseback.

Here we went though, with our two gaited partners in crime, and had a leisurely plod as befits 2 midwest matrons.

This nice guy who was unloading elaborate photography equipment agreed to take a picture of us. I like the resulting photo except that John's head looks as big as a steamer trunk and my face looks like an apple dumpling. Notice photographer has some kind of roofer knee pads on his knees. Does this mean he was planning to crawl out on rocks for that perfect photo?

John and Winston conferred briefly about some mischief or other.

And my fellow matron displays yet another pair of cute riding gloves:

If this was our last ride, it had a kind of perfection. Crucial barn gossip was exchanged, updates on children were reported, gaiting of our young horses occurred, their 'little' behavior problems were analyzed, and happiness rested in our hearts like a quiet dove with folded wings.

John's 'little' behavior problem occurred just the day before, at the pasture gate: As I approached it, he came rushing up. How nice, thought I. My horse is glad to see me, lookit that. As I opened the gate, he shoved me aside like a linebacker and marched himself right past, straight across the road to a patch of green grass which he proceeded to eat as if I did not even exist.

So we have some homework to do this winter.


Mrs Mom said...

It really looks like you two ladies had a lovely day to ride. Look how woolly the horses are!!

Yep, homework rules. At least it will keep you occupied this winter, which I hope passes swiftly for you!

Love the gloves too ;)

lytha said...

I had to *lol* at your post, even though I don't know what a steamer trunk is! Tell!


Flying Lily said...

Mrs. Mom: Yes, it's nice to have some definite tasks for those windy icy winter days. Arena work is sometimes all I can do then.

Lytha: Showing my age with that phrase! A steamer trunk is the old kind of giant suitcase people used to bring on transatlantic cruises, with all their clothing for 6 months on the continent. Old Marx Brothers movies have gags involving stowing away in a steamer trunk. John's great brain requires a lot of space ha ha.

c2b said...

I have a steamer trunk to store horse rugs in. Stupid question but why will it be your last ride?