Friday, March 27, 2009

Hay for the Horses

I've decided that John is the reincarnation of a Roman emperor. Reasons:

1. He is supremely self-confident as would befit an absolute monarch.

2. He believes he is the center of the universe; "All Roads Lead to Rome."

3. He gives the people their circuses (by stealing their hats, picking up his bowl, bowing etc.).

4. But most importantly: he makes a little couch for himself out of fresh hay and then lies down to eat in it.

Today I held gates for the barn owner to put out big square bales in the biggest pasture.

I was impressed at how well the horses have their hierarchy sorted out: first big bale, top tier of horses. The second tier stands and waits:

Their hay shall come. The barn owner was diagnosed with lymphoma last year around this same time. It has been, for her, a year of chemotherapy, radiation, experimental treatments, shunts, exhausting travel, fatigue, and hope alternating with near certainty of immanent death. She never stopped putting out hay for the horses. And she never once, not even once!, complained.

Some of us are brave.


emilie said...


This is so random, but somehow I found your blog and realized I used to board at this exact barn! My (former) horse might still be there in the big pasture... chestnut Saddlebred mare named Flyer? Sassy as all get-out towards the herd (except her geldingfriend-of-the-month) but a huge lovebug towards people? Goodness I love that horse. Anyway, I have loved seeing pictures of the activities and hope your boarding experience there is as rewarding as mine was. And I agree, the owner is one dedicated lady.


Jocelyn said...


Your john is such a character!

Star has her moments but mostly she's all about her next meal.

Come over to the blog and enter the contest!!

You just might win something fabulous!

OnceUponAnEquine said...

Very clever comparison of John and an emperor. John looks like he knows how to live like royalty..

Your BO sounds like a wonderful horsewoman.

Flying Lily said...

Emilie: Flyer is looking good and well-loved by her new owner! Do I possibly remember you? I remember an Emilie who used to come out...Hope all is well with you and I'm so glad you stopped by!

Jocelyn: Contest?! I am there. nothing competitive about horse people hahahaha.

OnceUpon: Yes indeed. Emperor John thanks you. I believe if he's that, I'm his domestic slave.

lytha said...

Way to reign, John!

The food there must be good, look how round every single one of them is!

"Life is good in winter up north. They feed us so much we have no choice but to eat all day long."


Flying Lily said...

Lytha, yes they are a sleek bunch aren't they? Some a little on the ahem tubby side, not to name names on my little palomino Caligula.

Grey Horse Matters said...

He does look like the master of his domain. What a character, love that he lays down to eat.
Good wishes for your BO.

c2b said...

A bed made of food.....I so so so want to come and live with you. That is my idea of paradise.
Some humans are just fantastic aren't they. Really put themselves out for us horses. Nice to hear of a good 'un. Far too often we hear of bad humans who have cause unspeakable suffering to horses. Your barn owner certainly puts their pathetic excuses to shame.

Flying Lily said...

Zoe, a bed made of food does sound good but John needs to eat less and move around more. He's a bit on the "Junoesque" side if you take my meaning. And yes, some people take hard times as an excuse to neglect their horses, and others take them as a sign that they should cowgirl up and do the right thing. Very curious creatures these humans.

Molly said...

Your Barn Owner is amazing. I'm sorry she has had a tough year and hope for better times ahead.

John is indeed the King of Everything. Ruler of the Universe.

Flying Lily said...

Molly: Truly she is amazing. Today again I held one gate and as she passed through on the bobcat, she blew me a kiss with both hands. I am witnessing something like an old Hollywood movie, but without the music. I am astonished every day out there. John is also indeed the King of Everything as you say so well.

ezra_pandora said...

what better way than to lay in your food to eat it? lol

Kudos to the barn owner. That's just amazing strength she has. I wish her well in her recovery :)