Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It Begins! A 'Grim Hairy Tale' in Pictures











Mrs Mom said...

LOL Look at you- don't you ever shave? (I am KIDDING!!!) Boy that hair flying off in wads has got to just fill your heart with absolute joy!

BTW- I LOVE that third pic of that handsome John there. Great shot!!

jäny stardust said...

mm the end of february..! the month of hair.. everywhere..!

Jocelyn said...

Thats why I got the shop vac!!!!

It has been a godsend!

Flying Lily said...

Mrs.Mom: Thanks! He looked like a tub of pudding when he was asleep; then he looked like a tub on stilts getting up, and then he just got FINE. He's a strangely built horse but boy do I love that big strong back.

Jany Stardust: The month of hair and it can stretch to 2 months here because they'll slow down their shedding when there's a cold spell. My car will be an embarrassing mess until mid-summer!! (Well i could clean it more often...)

Jocelyn: I am so envious. Someone at my old barn had a HorseVac and the cleanest horse (and truck!) you could desire. The horse adored being vacuumed!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Johnnie is so adorable. I don't think I ever asked but how many hands is he? I love a big horse. But with a big horse is a lot of hair too. Ours are starting to shed, they all got a good grooming Saturday morning, the barn was some mess. We actually got a horse vac last year and I love it, now I'll have to figure out why I didn't use it. I think I just forgot I had it. The only problem sometimes is when it's cold out you build up some friction and shock them, they don't care but I jump.

Flying Lily said...

GreyHorse: Johnny is a tetch above 16 HH on the tape. When I got him at age just barely 3, he was 15.1 and they thought he was done growing. He just kept on. Like the good soldier he is! Get your horse vac out and get it on!! Got to be a benefit to the wash machine inside the house. But the birds so love the horse hair! They start swooping down into the barnyard as soon as we make the little wads of hair.

photogchic said...

Johnny...our furry friend! He is so adorable. The last photo...consider yourself a palomino:-)

Flying Lily said...

Photogchic: And my car is a palomino, and so are all my work clothes. :)

Molly said...

Our Johnny is a lucky boy not having to suffer through a scratchy blanket. But, that just means more scratchy hair to remove. He is a beauty.

ezra_pandora said...

Well, they do say that some owners start looking like their pets.....he's just helping you along :))

He is so gorgeous.

Carol said...

Ahhhhhh, I know the feeling!!!!! I chucked when I saw the picture of your pants....Yup - been there too!!!!

I use a lot of chapstick and I've learned that this time of year one should NEVER put chapstick on and then go to the barn and brush a furry, shedding yours (..hair stuck to your lips....Aaaack)!!

John looks like such a saint of a boy. I would love to have one like him myself (although not sure my boy Grif would approve of me having two).

lytha said...

i loved sharing the beginning of shedding season with you! i feel bad when my husband has horsehair on him when he goes to work, just from random horse hair floating around our apartment now.

john's gorgeous!


Funder said...

He's such a handsome fellow. I love the way he's put together.

Another Pro Tip for shedding season - roll up your truck windows, no matter how warm it is. You will drag plenty of it in with you; you don't need more wads of hair floating in your windows. Don't ask me how I know this.

Mrs Mom said...

Hey I thought of you and Handsome John today!!! ;) Got me some plenty hairy legs/ boobs/ everything as I brushed the dickens out of Sonny Bunz!! 'Cept mine was red hehe

This time of year, no matter what we do, we wade in hair. Between our critters here, and client horses, hair is EVERYWHERE!

And I Love It!!! hehehehe

Smooch that handsome bugger from me!

Reddunappy said...

LOL It means spring is here yaeh, finally spring is here LOL

Horseypants said...

LOL...it's all over your horseypants! Well, at least palomino hair is a pretty color. And thinking of baby birdies tucked into a golden fuzzy nest is nice. :)

Flying Lily said...

Molly: Yes indeed! John hates blankets and makes them his little 'project' to destroy asap.

Ezra: I never thought of that. :) What a helpful horse.

Carol: LOL no chapstick and no talking while grooming either - cough hack.

Lytha: It gets into my husband's underwear through the laundry process and he is not a fan...

Funder: Excellent advice! Those bunches of air are floating on the breeze all over these days.

Mrs.Mom: LOL 'share the hairiness' is like share the love!! I will smooch John today asap.

Redrunappy: That is indeed the true meaning and hurray!!!!! Can trail rides be far away?!

Horseypants: I thought of you when I posted that photo! Yes, the birdie thought is comforting isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Bring on spring! As much as I hate the shedding season, I love the weather it promises.

allaroundhorses said...

Shedding time! Oh, I love it, not because of the hair but because I know what my horses will look like in about a month!

Anonymous said...

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