Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Horses and children

This is a good photo of how much my thoroughbred loves children. Notice his eyes at half-mast. I honestly don't know if most, few, or almost all horses are like this. I know Johnnie is not particularly careful about kids and will pull their hats off & run, but Montana would stand still in the barn aisle while little ones wander around and through his legs on demo days; he also stood still to have all his body parts labeled with post-it notes by Pony Club kids, and never looked happier.

This is also a good photo for showing what a poor photographer I am. I don't have the camera eye; I did not see that giant telephone pole shadow at all.

Here's another photo which makes the same point: notice one little detail I did not see, and believe it or not I waited until Johnnie was posed right for this one - a lunch break in the Black Hills. Relax, John! I'm learning a lot from looking at the beautiful photos on some other folks' blogs though; there is hope.


Mrs Mom said...

Aww, he is just showing you what Proud Flesh really is Mom... (Guys.. they just have to brag..)

Flying Lily said...

Proud indeed! If you got it, flaunt it.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Took me a bit to find the "problem"-LOL. I'm a lousy picture taker. You can bet for every good picture I manage to get to put on the blog-there are 20 or so that have to be deleted. Thank goodness for digital cameras right?
Isn't is crazy how some horses just love kids? My TB was like yours-the more little people around him the more he liked it. At 17 hands he was a giant, but I never felt uncomfortable letting little kids be around him. He would lower his head to the ground and keep it there for them to pet and rub on. Those kind of horses are so special.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's pretty funny. I didn't see it either. I thought it was just a shadow. Thankfully it wasn't as big as that telephone pole shadow in the first picture!

3pennyjane said...

But I'm sure that we're happy to know it's clean.

Flying Lily said...

BrownEyed: Yes digital saves me a lot of that awful disappointment of 'getting the pictures back' and seeing all the closed eyes, kids just turned away etc. that I had paid for!

NM: Yes, although in his mind it probably is that big.

3PJ: Certified. Hope your weather has cooled off.