Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seven Nation Army of Jello

Dinner with the neighbors, happy times, and a Jello masterpiece created by a good friend. Over approximately six hours, seven layers of Jello are laid on like sedimentary deposits, and the result is something to see and taste.

Here's how it looked before we started cutting into it:

Amazing. A summer delight. Like these flowers in the side yard, which do not know that they are weeds:

Like a great dog who doesn't know the word 'mutt' applies, or a wonderful horse who hasn't realized about being 'grade', these little guys just shine on resplendant.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that jello masterpiece. 6 hours!?

Pony Girl said...

Goodness, I have never seen jello quite like that! The finished product almost looks too artistic to eat, lol!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Was the jello salad good? It certainly is beautiful. As are the flowers. You know-the true classification of a weed is any plant growing where you don't want it too! So maybe these pretty little guys aren't weeds after all? LOL.

Flying Lily said...

PonyGirl: It was almost too pretty to destroy...

BEC, it tasted like a handful of Skittles, the mixture...but cool and somehow joyous. And: you are so right: guess these flowers aren't truly weeds!!

photogchic said...

I saw something like that once because I grew up in Minnesota. Seems everyone brings some sort of jello "salad" to every gathering:-)

Flying Lily said...

Photogchic: Yes jello colors and combinations are a local art form. The mysteries of the jello "fluff" I will someday comprehend...if I keep meditating.

Mrs Mom said...

Wow. .... Just.... wow.

I have never seen anything quite like that, and I bet it tasted fantastic! Six hours... geesh.. you almost would rather freeze it and preserve it than eat it!... ALMOST! LOL

Great shot, and thanks for sharing that marvel with us. Love the flowers too!

Grey Horse Matters said...

mmm, that looks delicious and I'll bet it's not fattening either. 6 hours is a lot of work and I'll bet it was eaten in record time. I don't think those flowers are weeds, they are too pretty to be weeds.

Rising Rainbow said...

That's pretty amazing. I never thought about jello in all those colors.

the flowers are beuatiful too.

sue said...

oh PLEASE don't tell Tonka he is a "grade"... for he is very sure that he is the biggest Percheron that ever lived, and I think he would be "crushed" if told anything less that that .... (he, he, he)

Flying Lily said...

Yes, 6 hours of work went away in about 15 minutes of eating...and it was not too fattening for all the thrill it provided!

Sue: I just love that about horses; no self-esteem issues, no labels to limit them! Tonka deserves every ounce of his solid prestige!