Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lookit Woopert getting so big

Charming little Rupert is growing like a weed. He has quite the independent streak and while this year's new filly sticks to her mom like a cocklebur, Rupert moseys about like he owns the whole place, and mom has to look for him sometimes.

Today in my dressage lesson we worked on transitions down. Generally speaking, when in a down transition it is not dressagey to plop onto your horse's back and drop all thought of riding. This is very subtle & nuanced but I am slowly getting it. I was glad to see that my horse got vein poppage, indicating that he did some real work.

And isn't he nice and shiny now that the winter coat is almost all gone? Putting on my horse psychic cap for a moment, this look translates: 'Stop mookin about and bring me my grain!'


20 meter circle of life said...

Ha Ha I am the worst about looking for veins the minute I am out of the saddle, I dream of someday getting butt cheek foam. Transitions take forever just do more, I swear soemtimes thats all I do. It does help to get on the aids and release tension for a horse that can be heavy ib the bridle

Flying Lily said...

20-M: I'm glad to know there are other vein-poppage lovers out there! Butt-cheek foam I will never get - my main hope is to someday, somehow, have one ride on a horse who sweats more than I do.