Monday, June 9, 2008

Pretty pretty thanks to NuzzlingMuzzles

Blogger friend NuzzlingMuzzles had a contest when she bought her new expensive hay tarps. Who could guess how long they would hold up? And she offered an intriguing prize to the winner: hand-quilted potholders in your choice of colors.

Well I seem to have spoiled my lifetime record of 'never win anything'. Aren't they gorgeous? NM you are a talented and generous person. I'm inspired by you: all your activities, your beautiful photos, your beautiful horses you care for so well, and now your beautiful handiwork.

I think they are too pretty to be used as actual potholders, and I plan to use them in table decorations or even hang them on the kitchen wall.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thank you for the compliments. My daughter read your post and said it was the best thank you note she's ever read. She was right in the middle of writing thank you notes to her grandparents for the graduation gifts they sent. So, your post ended up inspiring her to improve on her writing.

Mrs Mom said...

Oh Wow those are really beautiful! Looks like our pal Nuzzling Muzzles has some no-longer-hidden talents there!

Cant say as though I blame you- I would hang them in the kitchen somewhere too! Too pretty...

BTW- I LOVE the pic of Gentle John. Hope you have that hanging up somewhere in your home!! Its really fantastic!

Flying Lily said...

NM: bless her heart, she's already writing her thank-you notes and just graduated! Wish my boys had been so prompt...afraid it dragged into the summer with them.

MrsMom: Thanks - I love that restful photo. He makes a haynest for himself and lies down no matter what, whenever we are camping.

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

I found you on "Nuzzling Muzzles!"
Those are pretty. I do the same thing!!I recieved some for a wedding gift, and don't want to use them! You can buy shadow box frames. They would look great in some!
I never win anything either. I am having a name that photo contest on my blog.(Sorry if that sounds like a cheezy "come to my blog" line!) But the chances are good! Not too many people have entered,yet! I am pretty new and don't know alot of bloggers!! So if you want check it out!