Sunday, July 6, 2008

Better Than "Casablanca"

"Stranger Than Fiction" is my recent favorite little sleeper movie with Will Farrell playing a rare serious role (but he's no lover as you can see in this clip - notice his clumsy hands fwapping her on the back). What I really love about this scene is the amazing transition between Will Farrell's shy little version of the Wreckless Eric 2-chord song and Wreckless Eric himself. Maggie Gyllenhall is just the best in this film: a law-school dropout baker to whom the Farrell character in his IRS auditor capacity "brings flours".

Wow, if I could make movies, I'd want to make them like this. Every scene is worth a second look for beautiful composition. Notice the Maggie character in the mirror early goodness what richness.


jesterjigger said...

That was a great movie. But I tend to gravitate toward the weird. Keeps my husband on his toes though!

Flying Lily said...

Yes! When I first heard the plot of this movie, I thought it might be too weird even for me - but no, it was just perfectly off kilter. It's good to keep the husbands guessing a bit!