Thursday, July 31, 2008

Unexpected beauty

As I was leaving work yesterday by a new path (had to return some library books at the campus library), I was suddenly stopped in my tracks by these gorgeous planters filled with purple petunias and some little blue flowers...they were just singing out in the bright sun. Students with summer work-study jobs do most of the gardening on our campus and I wonder: Did some talented student choose this combination? Did some groundskeeping administrator sketch out this planter plan?

It's so terrific to be stunned by unexpected beauty. What ravishing sights this old world can give us, by surprise sometimes. I could hardly leave the terrace where these planters sat, out of the way of most pedestrians, just sitting there being mahvelous!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Your right, it's nice to find unexpected beauty to brighten your day. The flowers are lovely.

Flying Lily said...

Yes, surprise! Look at this! Great moments..