Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Working on our Tail-Gaiting

Sunday morning once again found us on the trail and Johnnie attempting to contact the backside of the horse in front or blow past her to take the lead...Here we see the tall grass that is so tempting to a traveling horse: must be like us walking through a deli hungry and not allowed to touch food...

Well, Annie broke the rules a couple of times:

And we got this incredibly pretty view, which required standing on the edge of a 200-foot drop that made me very nervous:

And this is a summer of glory for lupines:

Johnnie's tail-gaiting :) is slowly diminishing; I think there's no quick fix for this one, but it will require a thousand disappointments i.e. halts and half-halts and circles back, before he heaves that sigh and gives up on his crowding.

We had a good 3-hour ride in overcast weather which kept it from being too hot, and my friend and I had a good chat: horseback conversations are like nothing else! We cover the whole universe and all the barn gossip in one smooth talk that is like embroidery, topics all woven together to the sound of clopping hoofs. Heaven could not be better.


jesterjigger said...

What a gorgeous place to ride! I am so envious.

Flying Lily said...

JJ: wish you lived closer! One of the best things about my boarding barn (and there are some big negatives too!) is this trail access. I put up with a lot of BS to keep this in my life.

photogchic said...

Beautiful place to ride. Good luck on the tail-gaiting. Just be consistent whatever method you choose and he should change his behavior. I think we have the same idea of "heaven.":-)

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

I agree! What a beautiful place to ride! To have a friend to chat with along the way?! Priceless! Sounds like a perfect day!! Looks like it smells good too!