Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doggie Reform School Continues!

Here you see my little Gabey contemplating his new best friend, which is whatever dog is closest to him at obedience class. The blur in the foreground, that's my dog. He is always twitching in reform school.

We worked on stay, stay down, random heeling. But the most fun was the ball roll. We had to line up our dogs side to side sitting, on opposite long walls of the room. Instructors then rolled a tennis ball straight down the line, right in front of the dogs' noses. It was hilarious to watch the bigger dogs do the wave as the ball passed in front of them -- oh did they yearn to chase that ball! Gabey has never had the slightest interest in 'fetch' games so sitting still was a breeze for him. But the other dogs now! He is most highly interested in them and in love with them all.

"Can we stay here forever with all these wonderful friends??" You can see my camera reflected in Gabey's eyeball; what an artistic effect.

Lie-down insurance: rest your foot on your dog:

Next week I fully expect to crash and burn as we are going to have our dogs sit, then walk across the room away them and call them to come. Who do you think Gabey is going to visit, 23 charming canine sweethearts, or me?!


Mrs Mom said...

Oh gosh Gabey is just too cute! Bet he makes the rounds, and says Howdy to all his canine pals though...lol

He looks like a "free spirit" for sure! ;)

jesterjigger said...

He's definitely too cute for obedience school! Your ball story reminds me of field training though. Whenever we rode the bus somewhere on the Air Force base we had to read out little book of Air Force knowledge. Whenever we drove past the the airfield where lots of planes were parked everyone would try to look at the planes, instead of reading their books, the people in charge would be looking out for people to yell at for not reading. But when we drove past the base stables no one was watching the cadets to see if we were watching the horses, so I didn't get yelled at, lol.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

No Way Red Dog could pass that ball challenge-LOL. If he did manage to stay in one spot as it rolled by, he would be whining so hard and loud that he would probably fall over.

Awww-I bet cute little Gabey will come to you...eventually-LOL. I am sure he will mosey over after he has said Hi, Hi, Hi to everyone he can on his way. What a little sweetie!!

sue said...

want a little training advise... try a small bit of cheese or chicken... I bet Gabey will think you are MUCH better than 23 other little canines!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok the expression on your little spaniel in the second picture is priceless. Happy dog, happy dog!

Flying Lily said...

Mrs.Mom: "free spirit" is a great phrase for him!

Jester: I love that image of you on the cadet bus, eyes on the stables as you pass!

BrownEyed: You give me hope - he will eventually get to me after saying hi hi down the line LOL.

Sue: Excellent idea! Some of the people in class have little fannypacks full of treats...I am going to join their ranks. I bet if I'm packin chicken, Gabe will remember his name!!

Ranchette: yes, happy is his middle name. Every day is the best day of his life. He is a good example to follow in my house!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I have confidence in him. I remember being in an obedience class with probably 40 other dogs and the final test was to park our dogs on the sidewalk on one side of the street while all 40 dog owners walk all the way across the street and stand there for 30-seconds, and then call their dogs. I was amazed to see that every dog sat and stayed! It was like there was this canine understanding that this was a most important test and they had to pass it in order to graduate from obedience school. That was back in the day when there were actually streets that cars rarely drove on, so you could actually have 40 people cross the street and have 40 dogs cross it 30-seconds later without anyone getting hit by a car!

Flying Lily said...

NM: What a great image! This could almost work at our obedience school as it is out in the country - but the stay test I saw last week was indoors. I hope Gabey will justify your vote of confidence! :) We worked a lot yesterday and he is getting into it I think.