Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Ride: But Not on Horseback!

We took off up the north shore of the big lake yesterday for a picnic lunch at a secret spot. Well it isn't secret exactly but it is seldom that we encounter anyone else there, and the view is stupendous.

The strangest thing about this place is the elaborate and enormous outdoor fireplace that stands there on a gigantic sweep of rounded rock outcrop. Who built it? For what? Folklore has a romantic story about it but the story doesn't add up because it would not be possible to build a house on this curving rock; it would slide off into the lake.

I've been working on my naturally horrid photography skills, looking at the gorgeous photos on other people's blogs. My husband is also great at photography and I've been asking him "OK How to get the picture I see as opposed to what the camera sees?" So if I get a net reduction in trees sticking out of heads etc. i will be happy. Here's one of my favorites from yesterday, taken in one of the great tunnels they blasted through solid rock to bring Highway 61 in a little safer distance from the lake:


Anonymous said...

oh, I love the North Shore. What a gorgeous place for a picnic.

Flying Lily said...

yes it is amazing - and I always expect places to be crowded on our too-few beautiful summer days - and they never are!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

These pictures turned out great!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Thank s for stopping by my blog, An Unfinished Project. I am so glad you did, because now I have your to add to my blogroll and to my daily reads (when I even get to do my daily reads,,, HA)
What a gorgeous place to visit! And great photos too! Thanks for sharing.