Saturday, August 9, 2008

Both my little rascals go out on the town

For the first time in my life I have trailered both my horses out for a fun day of horsin around! I usually only take one and maybe pick someone else up, but today we had a complicated loose little plan and no deadlines whatsoever, so I went to my friend L's house and we:

(1) Got Montana tacked up and trail rode out with L and her Lipizzan, while John stood in a cool shady stall and ate nice green hay:

Doesn't he look fetching? Even though he'd rather be wearing pearls and sparkle nail polish...I have let his trail training slip away and allowed him to become somewhat of an arena flower, as his dressage work and jumping is so specialized etc. blah blah excuses, but I am going to make up for that. I so believe that trails are useful and beneficial for all horses, no matter their other jobs. So today he had a nice long loose walk around in the sun and heard the birdies sing, saw grasshoppers, and ate some live grass. He was in hog heaven. We rested him the round pen and then:

(2) We cleaned my friend's gelding's sheath; did I mention I am the Sheath Whisperer? Everybody has some talent and it just happens that mine is gross, but useful.

(3) We put Montana in a cool stall with lovely green hay and tacked up John and let J ride him - who has not ridden in several years:

L went into drill sergeant mode and gave J lots of orders; they are old friends and he took it well.

(4) L had to get gaiting on Johnnie too:

(5) Finally "beer for my horses!":

Johnnie did everything but smash the can on his forehead and these two frat boys could have partied all night long...but it had already been a long day and (drumroll) both my little rascals self-loaded and off home we went. By self-loaded I just mean they walked on at a prompt; not that they opened the doors and tucked up their own butt-bars...

But heavens I love this horse who can be a catch-ride for anyone and cause me no worries whatsoever, knock on wood:

Not that I don't love my dressage princess-gelding Montana was a full day...


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love them both, but have to admit that Johnnie is my favorite. What good horses you have. Glad everyone had a great day.

Flying Lily said...

Greyhorse, yes! Tough situation for Mr. M. but Johnnie has some serious charms...that draw me in all the time.

cdncowgirl said...

Okay... I'm still playing catch up on your blog. You need to explain, "princess-gelding"? lol

Flying Lily said...

Well, Montana has a very aristocratic personality and he prefers his tack to be matchy-matched, and his surroundings to be he is my dressage princess! Also he would notice if there was a pea under his mattress, so to speak. And he can give a great look that translates: "We are Not Amused."

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

That John has quite the personality. Everyone should be so lucky to have a wonderful horse like him. They are rare indeed.

Montana is no slouch either. I bet he enjoyed a day on the trail. Just a chance to unwind and enjoy the scenery...just like us-LOL.

Train Wreck said...

Crack me up! He really wanted that beer! My cousin had a horse that would always grab his beer!