Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

All my cowgirl friends were otherwise engaged this morning so I rode out alone. Johnnie and I had a 2-hour blast of crazy fun on the ski trails and lived to tell about it. He started out being very balky and "no I don wanna" but at the end he was crisp and sharp, and loving it, and did not take the turn back to the barn until I insisted. And at the stoop he was so honey sweet, I could tell it had finally been a good experience for him. And hurray! I did not get lost in the ski trail system, which is a huge fear of mine! You can wander and circle around in there forever and never return... Here's a ski bench, at an odd height designed for skiers to lean on and rest or adjust their skis.

And we visited Johnny's swimming hole where fresh tasty green riverside vegetation requires his attention:

And on the way home we passed this dad whose children were all chanting "Go across Dad!' as he encountered an existential reluctance to cross this log over the river:

He tried to dodge the inevitable by saying, "Look kids up there is a horse!" but they were not susceptible; 'Come on Dad! Cross the log!" Do you think he crossed, or not?

To view some beautiful trail photos from across the truly big ocean, go here:
Zoe's Life, and see a lovely British cowgirl's route with her Dales Pony Zoe. a true superstar.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear you had a great ride. Those are some beautiful trails. As for 'Dad' I'm guessing he tried it and wound up in the water, that log doesn't look too wide.

Palomino Girl said...

Way to go!! A few more rides like that and both you and Johnny will be more confident on trails. I strive to have the confidence on trails that I do in the arena, but I understand how they can be intimidating! Way to cowgirl up!

Flying Lily said...

Dad did not go across. He stood there and stood there, and then just came back, very slowly. The kids were all "Awww DAD! and he was all "Well yo go out and walk across that log!"

Palomino Girl: Thanks!!

Melanie said...

Flying Lily-

Hey...I have that same helmet!

I am glad to see that you took little pieces of everyone's advice, and filed it away where it will come to your aid when you really need it :)

Are you a teacher, professor, or counselor/advisor? I noticed that you said that you were taking a break from "freshman welcome workshops."

Flying Lily said...

Melanie, I'm a philosophy professor and I love that helmet! It's the 'airiest' one I've ever had and I sometimes forget to take it off after I ride, it's that comfortable...Back to classes today - I am excited.

jesterjigger said...

How fun! I'd love to go on a trail ride alone but I'm too chicken at this point. I don't think the dad crossed, despite the urging from the kidlets.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Looks like you have some awesome trails to explore. Glad you got to enjoy a ride by yourself.

I don't think I would have tried to cross the log looks kinda skinny.

Melanie said...

LOL!!! The helmet IS rather airy, isn't it??

Ahhhh...professor of philosophy. What a great subject to teach. I found that there was never a dull moment in any of my philosophy clasess :)

My classes start back up next week, and I am worried about having enough time for my blog. Kids, family and homework always take up all of my time.

Flying Lily said...

Jester, you are correct. The funny thing was, dad got out on the log a certain distance and just froze could see he wanted to move forwards or back, wanted to impress the kids but also was scared, so there he stood...until he inched back, teensy steps, and made it safely back to land. He was pretty high up and rocks beneath so I do not blame him.

BrownEyed: Yes, skinny log, big drop!

Melanie: It's a wistful time isn't it? End of summer, but excitement of the new academic year. What's your subject area?

Melanie said...

Flying Lily-

When I grow up (teeheehee!!), I will have my BA in social work, with a minor in psychology and cultural anthropology. I am just starting my junior year, so I still have a ways to go.

If I am crazy enough to continue, I plan on getting a masters in social work or counseling.
Thanks for asking!

Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you had a great solo ride! What a scenic place to ride. I haven't taken my horse out alone in ages. I am wondering how he would do now. The last time I did it he was fairly new to the farm I keep him at, I don't think he knew better to be herdbound. Now, I don't know! ;) I will have to try it soon.