Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hoofs on Ice: Crazy Trail Ride

Events in a Harmonic Convergence Today:
1. The sun came out strongly, causing students to run around in shorts and tank tops again even though it was 12 degrees F.
2. I got away from work early and so did my friend Sally.
3. I managed to find my cell phone in time to get her message saying let's go for a trail ride.
4. We met at the barn and and greeted one another.

Now here comes the Odd Disharmonic Convergence:

5. Standing there in the yard was the lady who almost bought Montana a couple weeks ago. She had come to bring him treats. Emotions stirred all around.
6. Then the power company showed up in a fleet of trucks to make unearthly noises cutting tree limbs:

up high in this little bucket. The mini-cutter they used up there made a screeeeking noise that brought out the inner Flamenco dancer in each horse who had to pass. Then they cranked up the Horse Shredder I mean wood chipper:

and as you can see they kept it up for quite awhile.

But we did manage to get past it all by dismounting and leading. We then hit the trail and encountered the ice patches:

These were nerve-wracking and almost made us regret coming out, but we were too bullheaded to admit it so went on. The frozen creek was beautiful like a huge silver serpent:

And on the last leg of the trip home this patch of ice was illuminated like a sheet of molten gold:

So although we took a chance and encountered a few dragons, it was a good ride overall. Sally cooled off Annie in her new sheet:

And John betook himself to the hay pile even though the screaming machinery was still right outside his gate. "What me worry when there's this much hay? My mother didn't raise no fool."


Jocelyn said...

The look on JOhns face is priceless. Hay is the soother of any equine malady brought on by screeching horse munching machinery. I thought everyone knew that!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Flying Lily said...

Jocelyn, Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Hope it is a lovely day for you and all the family. John does look smugly content doesn't he?!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Enjoy the day.

c2b said...

Inner Flemenco dancer.....that made me giggle. Zoe would love that pile of hay...
What sort of temperatures have you there. Here everyone goes into panic mode when it gets 0c!!! We rarely get lower than 5c. Haven't seen more than a sprinkle of snow in years.

Flying Lily said...

GreyHorse: Thank you my friend!

c2b: Well this will horrify you but our temperatures rarely rise ABOVE 0c after early November, until about March. We don't ride below minus 5F and personally, in single digits I usually just feed a warm beet pulp/grain mash and go homealong.