Monday, November 17, 2008

Horses Following Closely

Yesterday all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with joy at the very thought that a horse follows a human at the end of a little rope!

I was walking Montana on the road. There were puddles of ice and clods of frozen mud, cars coming and going on a busy Sunday afternoon, various horse incompetences had been witnessed by us both.

Such as: 15 year old girl riding bareback in her sock feet, as her fresh horse who had not worked in 2 weeks cantered disunited all around amongst 4 other horses under saddle in the not very huge arena. "Are you OK?", I asked. "Yes we are in our walk warmup", she replied. ??? "Where are your shoes?", says stupid me. "I don't need them because I am riding bareback."

Such as: No hay in the pastures for several days. The horses all had muddy noses from rooting in the winter earth for any shred of nourishment. (I am so afraid I am going to have to find another boarding situation - things are unraveling on the hay front here.)

But still, Montana is mincing along right at my shoulder. When he is happy, his feet hardly touch the ground - there's a cushion of air under him. And all 1100 pounds of him just allows itself to be led along, oh-dee-do-do, when he could so easily rip that rope out of my hands and go anywhere else. It's kind of a miracle really. Horses and people, even stupid people: why do they put up with us?


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think Montana is really happy to be home and that he loves and respects you and your space. No shoes, because I'm riding bareback? That's a new one. Love the pictures, hope they get a hay delivery soon.

c2b said...

200,000 bales sat in the barn on the farm here. Shame about transport costs.
Love the logic, bareback = no shoes. Lots of "interesting" logic at our farm too.
I still find it a miracle that Zo allows me to ride her with all my novicy confusion and faults. 450kg of muscle with an attitude problem looks after come? Why? What did I do to deserve this loyalty? How come she chose me to be her owner? Every day I am still in awe that she accepts me into her life.

Flying Lily said...

GreyHorse: Thanks you, Montana does seem happy and was mistaken for a 3-year old (he's 15) last week!

c2b: I love hearing from Zoe about how you come out to ride at ought-thirty to avoid the 'amusement' of some other boarders. And yes, such a miracle that our horses are so kind, even when naughty.

Jocelyn said...

I think I dont deserve my horse at times, but then she reminds me that she loves me anyway.
The rope thing is so true...
I hope to hear your boarding situation improves soon!
MIne is sorting itself out in two weeks. yipeee.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. I have very much enjoyed reading yours and would like to return to see how you handle the Minnesota winter. We live in the NW, but in a valley that shelters us, if you will, from most of the severe cold. I love the expressions on the faces of your ponies.

3pennyjane said...

I'm such a sucker for the schnozzle pic--even when it's not a shot you meant to take. Your boys look so cute in their winter coats!

Personally, if I'm going to ride bareback, I do the full Amazon. Who's got the patience for half measures like leaving just your shoes off?

Anonymous said...

here in montana.. :) i was working on some ground work/leading today with gazi.. amazing what the right communication/ horse speak can do.

happy trails
gp in montana where where we were snowed in three weeks ago, but it's 66 here today! :)

Flying Lily said...

Jocelyn: Are you moving your horses home? Can't wait to hear more about the change.

SaddleMountain: Your blog describes a beautiful horse situation and my dream. I look forward to checking in often and seeing how your winter goes. The idea of a family farm is just so delightful and such memories as you must have!

3PennyJane: You crazy Amazon you. It will soon be on YouTube if you do it. We live in a fishbowl now. The errant sock-rider got chewed out today; there's no barn rule about shoes but "common sense" still has weight.

Manker: Montana! My dream state of residence. Ground work always amazes me. At our barn it is kinda frowned upon, as all problems must be 'ridden out', but I love it. To just open that line of communication and keep it going, seems so very beneficial. Your weather! Ours is just gradually shutting down into winter...

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What gorgeous horses! Love the palomino:)

Flying Lily said...

Jennifer, thanks so much and thank you for stopping by! Johnnie is a pure joy to be around as long as you don't let him steal your hat.