Friday, December 19, 2008

Abominable Snow-Dog

Yesterday I took Gabey out for a very long trudge through the snow, to our favorite cemetery where I let him run around off the leash a bit. He can't see over snow drifts so he will stand on his hind legs and peer - when he hears a goose calling, or a dog bark off in the distance. it's so cute but I could not get a picture of it.

Here he is wearing his little snow jacket and has just finished rolling and burrowing in the white stuff.

Little does he know: Santa is bringing him a very special present today. I will post about it later if all goes as planned - how mysterious can I be?


Mrs Mom said...

Gabey is entirely toooo cute! Too cute. Although he does not look overly impressed with all that white crap around him, and I cant blame him!! ;)

Stay warm y'all!

Flying Lily said...

Mrs. Mom: He is not crazy about snow OR cold weather, poor little dude. Give him a nice warm couch any day.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Gabey is adorable in his sweater with the snow all around him. Wonder what Santa is bringing him!

Pony Girl said...

My guess is.....I bet Santa is bringing him a new friend?? ;)

Flying Lily said...

PonyGirl: You must be psychic! Right now they are both chewing rawhide treats and having a stare-down. But I think the comfort and joy is about to commence.