Monday, December 22, 2008

Storm is Past!

Here you see the storm front's rear end so to speak. Yesterday I finally got out to the barn for some quality time with two feisty equines. Both of them get rammy when the weather is harsh and they aren't getting worked. I loved just getting my hands into their winter coats, knocking the snowballs off their feets, feeding them their lovely beet pulp concoction, and letting them soothe my soul.

Leading Montana back to the pasture we were walking into a 30 mph wind at 5 degrees above zero. He tucked his face down and arched his neck, and danced the whole way. It was like, "I'll see your Wind, and raise you Fire!".

John was disposed to translate his energy into merriment, so he tried to nibble my coat buttons, the beet pulp buckets, and his lead rope. Then he put his nose on the back of my sock cap as if to say, "You KNOW, I could so take this off!!!" He's a terrible cap stealer.

It had been one whole week since I saw these 2 rascals, due to weather and final exams. The yard was not entirely snow-plowed so they were walking in chest-high drifts for part of their journey to the hitching post. They did not seem to mind. I drove home once again amazed at the difference a horse makes.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That really sounds like some nasty weather. We didn't get hit that hard. The horses seem to enjoy it though. The wind here today was whipping and the temps were around 17. I love the picture of John and I'm glad he did not grab your hat you would have froze in no time. I've got to say I love to put my hands under their blankets and warm them up on their fuzzy coats.
Oh, and glad to see your sons made it home safe, it was a hard week to travel. But Christmas will be so much better with them there.

ezra_pandora said...

That picture was totally cool. I remember once when I worked in a fast food restaurant, there was a storm coming in, and it was really slow moving. I was working the drive through window and all of a sudden, it was raining at the back of the window, but not the front. I was amazed, but they said hey, there has to be a beginning and an end to the storms. Usually I think it's more subtle though.

We got some winter nasties the last few days too. It's snowing right now, we are supposed to get about an inch by the afternoon. Yipee. Horses are all tucked warm in their stalls though.

Flying Lily said...

GreyHorse: yes John took pity on my poor head. Glad your weather has not been so outlandish. I am enjoying the boys being home, so very much. In the intervals of their social rounds.

EzraPandora: What a neat description of a rain storm and how surgically precise they can be! It must be a great feeling to know your horses are tucked away. Our live out all the time and so they don't get the nice feeling of change and rest.