Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ice Heaps on the Shore

We drove up the shore on Monday to observe the progress of the ice. The wind piles it up on the shore of Lake Superior around this time of year. Since the days are already getting longer (yes!!), soon it will begin to recede and then melt.

The dog brigade came along and this picture makes them look strangely tied together but it's just their jackets being parallel.

Rufus (left) continues advancing his sinister plot to rule the world; his 3 strategies seem to be: cuteness, urinating in the house, and stealing all Gabey's toys. It's working. Jan and I relax for a moment and then suddenly sit bolt upright: "Where's Rufus??" to which the answer usually is, over there behind something, just finished relieving himself on the rug, looks happy.

On the ride home the sun shot up this great ray into the heavens:

It was a nice trip and included some of this:

"7-Layer Chocolate Mocha" from the justly famous Betty's Pies. And it has no calories whatsoever! isn't it a miracle?


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Beautiful pictures. Gee-you guys have a lot of snow!!

cdncowgirl said...

Did you *have* to show us that pie? Meanie!!
Anyway I still left you something on my blog... even though you are being cruel today! lol

lytha said...

cdncowgirl - at least she didn't go on about the details of the pie, that would have sent me over the top: )

there's no such thing as pie in germany. there is cake, and there are torts. pie is american, i guess.

this made it hard when i wanted to make a pumpkin pie for christmas - there were no pans for sale at the department store, so i had to buy a ruffled edge tort pan. (it worked!) there are also no ready-made pie crusts, so you really have to learn to make your own (that went well, i can do it!). also, there's no canned pumpkin or pumpkin pie filling so i begged my mom to mail me one. but then there's the shock and gasps when the family tasted pumpkin pie for the first time in their lives. i'd forgotten that pumpkin pie is an acquired taste - you know, kids don't usually love it. drowned in whip cream, my new family was able to gag down my pie. i thought it was just perfect: )

great lakes: i've never been there, it's on our list of places to see on our american summer vacations. that looks amazing, all that ice.


3pennyjane said...

Someday someone will try the pie shake at Betty's and report back. That person will not be me. I will be inhaling one of their chicken pasties instead. Man are those things amazing; I owe American Gods author Neil Gaiman a debt of gratitude for putting me on their track.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great picture of the iced lake and the sun's rays.
Those two dogs are really cute, but I don't know how cute I would think it was if I saw him relieving himself in the house.
And as for that pie, well you must be stretching the truth a little about no calories, it looks too good to be diet pie.

ezra_pandora said...

Those are some cool pictures! I live along the bottom of Lake Erie, and there definitely aren't many pictures like that of Lake Erie. It's more like a sewer.

Love the togetherness look of the dogs. lol!! That cake looks deeeelishis. I wanted to grab it through the screen.

20 meter circle of life said...

i could use a miracle

Flying Lily said...

BrownEyed: Yes our has a pretty side but we'll be sick of it soon.

Cdn: Off to visit your blog!

Lytha: No pie in Germany!! I'm glad you are edumocating them.

3Pennyjane: You've been to Betty's?! And eaten the pasties?! I too have shunned the pie milkshakes; apparently they just make a milkshake and throw pie in the blender with it, which seems like pie abuse and also might have a few calories in it.

GreyHorse: I promise you. Has to be true because I am officially losing weight. I am I am I am. Click my heels together.

Ezra: Lake Superior has had its sewer days but it's been cleaned up over the last two decades and the water is actually drinkable they say.

20Meter: (me too)

3pennyjane said...

I even introduced a native Minnesotan to Betty's pasties; it was a revelation unto her, much as the pies were to me and the other friend who was on that road trip. On the way up, we bought pie (and fish at Lou's) to eat by Gooseberry Falls, then we headed up to Grand Marais for the night; coming back, we actually sat down for dinner at Betty's. I was left with a very positive impression of y'all's cuisine, although it took a bit of a hit later. Fried cheese curds at the Mouth Trap helped mediate the shock.

ranchette said...

I've always wanted to make a trip up north in the winter to see the ice piled up on the big lake. I guess not everyone would put that on their list of things to do, would they? I;m strange, I guess. Thanks for sharing your trip.

And, sigh, Betty's Pies. Next thing I know you're going to tell me you were in GM at World's Famous Doughnuts too?