Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Nom Nom Nom!" Winter Munchies

Is there anything more pleasant than feeding horses something they love? Slurp, chomp, nom nom, and the eyes half closing with delight. It doesn't cost much, it doesn't take much time, it gives a terrific sense of satisfaction, and it makes horsey happy. What more could we ask?

Today John wore Montana's halter as he munched in the winter sun, which always makes his coat glow like golden bunny fur. It was 13 degrees F. and so, pretty pleasant for short periods of time. Some of the barn girls with zero % body fat were hanging out all day out there so, that baffles me. I have ermmm a bit more body fat and still get too cold.

Here's Montana munching his beet pulp & supplements, and my photo cut off one of his ears but they are both still there:

And here he is yearning towards his mint:

And Johnnie wishing he could have one more mint:

Then when I had done my feeding 'chore', the moon came up like a giant tangerine:

I could not capture the true color; it was eerie and enormous:

And I will close with a photo of Montana's cute front feet, which he poses just like this when he is eating:

What a sweetie!!!!


lytha said...

you saw the same moon tonight, but a few hours later, huh? i tried to describe it in my blog too.

i wanted to say thanks for posting that pic of montana's feet, cuz i've been waiting for a horse with feet like him to show up in blogland. my horse baasha has some stripes on his feet, and my man asked me what that was all about. i said it's the coat color, it influences the hoof color too. montana's feet illustrate it perfectly, with that little ring of white/chestnut, and the other one being slightly darker, but still striped.

can't wait to move into our own place, so i can start making baasha's mash with beet pulp too. i think beet pulp is gonna be an important addition to his diet - right now his mash is made from hay pellets, which are good, but i bet the beet pulp is even better. looking forward!

~lytha in moon and starlit germany

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful moon, I think ours is hidden tonight, it's still snowing and won't stop til the morning.
John and Montana love their slushy beet pulp mix, so do ours. I love to hear them slurping and they really enjoy it. I feed the exact same mints to mine.
Montana has cute little striped feet, I'm glad that you didn't sell him he's just a sweetie.
What's up with the no-fat girls, they should be blue in this weather!

Pony Girl said...

I can't see the's cloudy and rainy. I wish I could but will have to rely on other's online photos!
I love John's "golden bunny fur." What a sweet way to describe it!

cdncowgirl said...

John is so dark right now. My friend's palomino (Baron) is very light but in the winter he is REALLY light, almost cream coloured.

Flying Lily said...

Lytha, yes I am on my way over to check out your moon post. Montana's feet are striped and hard as iron; they practically make a clanging sound. I never noticed that about the coat color. I love his slightly pigeon-toed stance; it's only for eating and not when working. Post a photo of Baasha's feet. We can have equine foot fetish day. I hope you get into the new place soon. Any more blackberry wars?

GreyHorse: I am glad he didn't sell also. Ever since the near-miss he has been revealing his true sweetness every day. I think he is just the right age, for him. I know what you mean about the skinny-bean girls. And they can take off their gloves to hold their cell phones for hours it seems, and not get frozen fingers. It's a miracle.

PonyGirl: Your winter has been harsh. Does your Boy do well in winter? Mine become fat sparrows, especially John the Tank Engine.

CdnCowgirl: John changes color all year long. He'll be like a caramel sundae by spring. Then all that white undercoat will come out and take up residence in my car, while the darker stuff gets darker still, and lightens up all summer. He's an equine chameleon. how's your winter treating you?

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Love your foot fetish day idea Leah ;) I think there are a few in the files here to share...hehe

John looks fantastic all golden and fuzzy! Makes me want to snuggle up in all that coat. Montana looks terrific too!

Gonna be fun at your place when spring hits and they start shedding ;)

lytha said...

FL - Great idea, I'll post an image of Baasha's feet - from the top! I've only ever posted sole views. Hopefully you can get more people to post feet photos! I'd be interested to see Mrs. Mom's collection.

Thanks for asking about the property - it's been under almost a foot of snow for so long, I've been unable to do anything. I hear it's supposed to finally warm up later this week. Can't wait!

Friday the lady who is renting us some extra land will show us the borders, so I know where the fence will go. This fencing project is gonna be huge, but I can't even start til the ground defrosts and the snow decides to let us see where the ground is: )


Flying Lily said...

Mrs. Mom: It is hard to keep my mitts out of John's coat; I just like to bury my fingers under his neck. Shedding time is a misery for all of us as even my husband gets horse hair in his underwear via the wash machine...

Lytha: looking forward to your feet photos. Mrs. Mom and her DH are farriers so I am betting she's got equine foot photos of all types!! We could start something here...