Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mmmm Winter Delights!

1. Those skies!

2. Putting your hands under a horse's blanket right behind the withers: smooth pocket of warm horse, yum.

3. Thermal underwear! You can live in them! I feel like Pappy Yoakum schlumping around the property - all I need is an outhouse and a banged up rifle.

4. Doggies to sleep in your lap.

5. Lemonade!! Big wintery thanks to CanadianCowgirl for sending me a glass of lemonade award; when winter gives us lemons, girlfriend, we gots to make lemonade or perhaps a hot lemon toddy!! I like your style, Canadian! And you must own some kickin long underwear!

6. Hay for my horses! Take a look at the size of that bale:
And look whose greedy horse is gnawing on it in midair: that's Montana on the right. Not too scared of machinery.

And Rufus is learning to jump through a hoop! And having fewer accidents on the rug! Life is improving as the days grow ever so slightly longer each week. Dust off your chaps cowgirls - that ice is going to be gone before we know it.


Pony Girl said...

Great pictures! I love the winter and all it's mini treasures! :)
I hope I get to wear my chinks more often than not here soon!

cdncowgirl said...

Good idea, celebrate the good things about winter!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful sky. It's great to have a positive outlook during the winter days. I have noticed we're getting longer lighter days and am waiting for the ice/snow to melt. I think I'd like to see some green for a change.

ezra_pandora said...

That picture of the sky is so cool. We are in a cold spell, but with each week I know spring is getting closer and closer :) ~rubbing my hands together with a greedy smile~

Flying Lily said...

PonyGirl: I have a serious envy for your chicks. May they see a lot of sun this summer!

CdnCowgirl: I was reading about your temps - brrrrr.

GreyHorse: I think my new puppy needs grass to improve his house training too!

Ezra; Yes! The cold is losing its energy, and the sun is gaining his energy back. Soon and soon!

jäny stardust said...

mm it's lovely!