Monday, January 5, 2009

Lethally Bored

For my sins in a past life, I am condemned to spend 8 hours a day for the next two weeks in a workshop on instructional technology. While not as hellish as my driving class, I am suffering with conviction. This photo shows the general level of excitement in our group.

The liveliest moment occurred when one participant reached a breaking point and began anxiously asking,

"But how do I KNOW whether my course is learner-centered or instructor-centered?"

Facilitator: "mumblejumblegumble"

"But how do I KNOW??? How??"

It was judged to be time for a break and as you can see, we at least know how to eat in these technology Gulags.

We actually were given homework, which everyone proceeded to complete surreptitiously while the presenters were still talking about grade rubrics and assessment. I think I did my homework wrong. I am praying I don't get kept after class tomorrow because it just might put me over the edge.

It was a horseless day, which just seems wrong.


Anonymous said...

you poor dear. I laughed outloud at the technology gulag comment. Been there. Ugh, wait, headed back to gulag tomorrow. Sigh. Hope your week goes quickly.

Jocelyn said...

oh I have so been there. When I have to take my continuing ed for the government underwriting crap-ola.
I have adult ADD, so for me it is worse than chinese water torture.

Flying Lily said...

Ranchette; The worst was when I got the head-snaps from falling asleep repeatedly. How long can 8 hours be??! Don't answer that!!

Jocelyn: 3 words to terrify the soul: "Government continuing ed". You have my heartfelt sympathy.

lytha said...

omygosh, there's a little plaque by the lemonade that says LEMONADE.

so, i can infer that they serve a lot of lemonade. enough that it has its own plastic sign and sign holder.

i can also say that there has been confusion in the past, before the sign, as to what the yellow drink in the clear pitchers is.

it's good to see an end to the confusion, with such a helpful sign. or, alternatively, it's good that the sign-making class next door got to try out their skills in such a handy way.

so, is it country time, crystal light, or homemade with real lemons? shouldn't the sign also specify?

next time you go to class, if you see any other helpful little signs next to food/drinks, please take more photos.

if there are lots of these signs, i'd be tempted to alter them or switch them just for fun. when i'm bored in class, my mind turns to such pranks.

i took an instructional design course at a community college as part of my tech writing certificate program, and my goodness, i'll never forget how dull it was. i learned absolutely nothing, cuz it was all common sense type stuff. hope yours is better.

i say, create chaos, make it fun!

~lytha, snowed in and bored

Flying Lily said...

Lytha, that made me choke on my coffee. Yes, the opportunity to switch labels might just present itself today and I look forward to adding the 'decaf' sign to something entirely inappropriate. One noble soul was trying to create chaos yesterday by sending jokey messages to the whole group using our special email alias. He was so sternly reprimanded. Chaos will not be tolerated! Well we shall see.